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Publisher: ROUND 2
It's all in the mind, y'know... Few other musical groups have left such a profound impact on worldwide culture as the Beatles. Polar Lights proudly a line of model kits commemorating the group's appearance in the groundbreaking animated film, Yellow Submarine. The film depicted the group on a psychedelic quest to Pepperland to free it from the music hating Blue Meanies. These easy to assemble kits feature pre-painted parts allowing even novice modelers to achieve a quality look (glue not included). Each depicts a band members as shown in the animated feature and also offers optional heads with members in their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band personas, too! The pre-painted, easy-to-assemble kits are approximately 1/8-scale and stand about 9" tall when completed.
SRP: $29.99
Item Code: JUL111873
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