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The toys and merchandise listed here by Toychestnews.com have released to comic book and specialty toy shops in the last two months. Please check with your local retailer for preorder info, availability and final pricing.

A Gentle Giant Sculpt! Filled with life undreamt by man, the alien world Pandora harbors both treasures and resources beyond human imagining, that draw in human avarice as well. Neytiri is one of the planet's proud people, who becomes the love interest of the human, Jake Sully when he enters her life in his Avatar form. Created from the actual film's 3-D models and cast in high-quality polystone, no detail has been overlooked; even the Na'vi peoples bioluminescence is painstakingly hand-painted across the piece. Strictly limited in its production run, this collectible comes numbered, complete with a matching certificate of authenticity.
SRP: $75.00
Item Code: FEB111652
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