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The toys and merchandise listed here by Toychestnews.com have released to comic book and specialty toy shops in the last two months. Please check with your local retailer for preorder info, availability and final pricing.

Publisher: MEZCO TOYS
From Mezco Toys. " ... as Beauty stared at the drooling, hulking, misshapen Beast before her, his cold, mismatched eyes glared down into hers and she felt a scream rise in her throat." Mezco presents the latest edition in the popular Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales line: Beauty and the Beast. Look on in amazement at Beauty's luxurious Victorian dress with multiple layers of delicate ruffles. Shrink in terror as you look upon the scarred and malformed visage of the creature known simply as the Beast. Both dolls stand 10" H and each comes packaged in its own individual coffin.
SRP: $149.94
Item Code: AUG118093
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