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The toys and merchandise listed here by Toychestnews.com have released to comic book and specialty toy shops in the last two months. Please check with your local retailer for preorder info, availability and final pricing.

Publisher: MEZCO TOYS
Under the full thunder moon, Mezco breaks open the crypt and releases the Living Dead Dolls 13th Anniversary Series. This special series pays tribute to the very first set of Living Dead Dolls which first thrilled collectors 13 years ago. This is the first time in Living Dead Doll history that a complete series has been updated and reissued. The lineup includes: Sadie (w/Knife, Coffin Purse, Bouquet), Posey (w/Rose), Sin (w/Pitchfork), Eggzorcist (w/Basket, Oversized Roach), and Damien (w/Slingshot, Three "Books"). Each doll in the series comes individually packaged in a special 13th anniversary coffin, each with their own death certificate and 13th anniversary tattoo. In addition, each doll features updated paint details, new style "holding" hands, and all-new, ball-jointed bodies.
SRP: $124.95
Item Code: OCT111682
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