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NFL Series 28 takes control with the Sports Pick debuts for Clay Matthews, Dez Bryant, Andre Johnson, and first-overall draft pick Cam Newton. Ben Roethlisberger shows off a new pose, while Drew Brees, Michael Vick, and Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders are available in all-new uniforms. Clay Matthews shows some "flex appeal" while Andre Johnson makes a full-speed dive to snare a long pass. Michael Vick rejuvenated his career in Philadelphia, and his NFL 28 figure sports an Eagles uniform for the very first time. McFarlane's Collector Level is a big part of NFL 28; every player has a Collector Level version. Ben Roethlisberger appears in Pittsburgh's retro jersey for the first time while top overall draft pick Cam Newton is available in NFL 28 as a Collector Level-only figure.
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