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The toys and merchandise listed here by Toychestnews.com will be available in comic book specialty shops and other specialty toy shops in the next two months. Please see the release date  listed for each item for the most accurate availability. Many retailers will accept preorders for the items listed, so you can reserve your product in advance. Please check with your local retailer for preorder info, availability and final pricing.

Imported from Japan! Black Rock Shooter is the newest animated sensation out of Japan! Produced by studio Ordet and based on character designs by Huke and music by Supercell, Black Rock Shooter is the story of a young girl, Mato, who becomes concerned when her best friend, Yomi disappears. One day Mato discovers that her phone charm can summon a mysterious girl named Black Rock Shooter, and then the two girls merge into one! Medicom brings the dangerously armed Black Rock Shooter to life with a dynamic 1/6-scale RAH (Real Action Heroes) figure. Her head is made of PVC, with movable hair and removable eye fire. Beneath her long flowing coat, her bra and panties can shift realistically as the figure is posed. Her Rock Cannon gun can likewise be positioned for the best shot.
SRP: $249.99
Item Code: JUL111912
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