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Publisher: BLUEFIN
Imported from Japan! The main mecha, designed by legend Shoji Kawamori (Transformers, Armored Core, Patlabor, Macross) from the Genesis of Aquarion anime joins the ranks of the Super Robot Chogokin line-up. A new Aquarion series, Aquarion EVOL has just been announced. The Super Robot Chogokin Solar Aquarion captures all the detail of the mecha as seen in the original anime. Figure set features Solar Sword and effect parts for Solar Sword, as well as parts for replication of "Mugen (Infinity) Punch" and two sets of left/right interchangeable hand parts. High-precision sculpt includes details such as three vector machines. Figure employs diecast, ABS, PVC, and POM parts for enhanced detail, durability and range of movement.
SRP: $59.99
Item Code: OCT111803
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