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Publisher: KOTO INC.
  A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Chiral Mori, a collection of mini-games starring the handsome yaoi boys from Lament ~Beyond the Void~ and Togainu No Chi (True Blood), is back again for the full yupon treatment!  Following on the initial set and returning in this exclusive SD / Chibi style are the TOGAINU NO CHI LAMENTO ~BEYOND THE VOID~ SWEET POOL CHIRAL GAKUEN 2ND PERIOD ONE COIN MINI FIGURES!  Each figure comes with its own special display base unique to each character.  In this new set you'll find:

o    Kamiya
o    Okinaga
o    Asato
o    Kiriwar
o    Shui
o    Shironu
o    Gunji
o    Konoe
o    Shiki
o    2 rare variants (Gunji and Shiki)
o    ... and a secret chase figure!

Each Beyond the Void super deformed mini figure features intricate sculpting and bold colors to represent the sillier side of these characters.  They even have ball-jointed necks so you can pose them as you like!  As a special bonus, each figure comes with a card illustrated by Yupon.  Collect all 20 cards from series 1 and 2 to create an original illustration of Uirou Yamada, the exclusive illustrator from Nitro+, on the reverse side.  The little guys stand between 2 and 2 ½ inches tall, and are sold in individual mystery box packaging.  One countertop display is guaranteed to give you the whole set!

srp $59.99
Available in February

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SRP: $59.90
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